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Signorvino is an established online wine shop where you can buy wine safely and at an excellent price. Since 2012, Signorvino's goal has been to promote the best Italian and international labels by bringing producers closer to consumers through an online specialty wine shop. Discover our selection of wines chosen by our sommeliers, and let yourself get lost in the complex and limitless universe of wine making excellence.

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Which wines can you find on Signorvino?

It is more and more difficult to choose which wine to buy, especially if you do not have a lot of experience with wine and because wine production has been continuously growing over the years. To make it easier to choose, Signorvino has selected over 1,500 labels from the best Italian and international wineries. On our website, you can find all the wines you need, from well-known and hugely popular producers like Quintarelli and  Ferrari,to Sicilian producers like Donnafugata and Planeta, whose wines are produced through sustainable organic viticulture. If you are a fan of full-bodied red wines, like Amarone or Barolo, Signorvino can delight your palate with a careful selection of wines and producers that is constantly being updated, to offer you only the best of the most popular Italian reds in Italy and worldwide. If you prefer the most fragrant white wines, you can choose from a selection of fresh, floral and fruity wines like Verdicchio or Ribolla Gialla. For those who love sparkling wines, Signorvino has created a wide selection of the best Italian Metodo Classico wines spumantes, Trento Doc e Franciacorta, to semi-sparkling reds, dominated by Lambrusco. Alongside Italian sparkling wines, Signorvino has recently extended its product range with labels from the French wine panorama by introducing  Champagne. Maison storiche e tradizionali come Dom Pérignon e Moët & Chandon, as well as smaller yet just as historic wineries like Valentine Leflaive and Dany Fèvre.
Rosé wines are not as popular but they should not be underestimated. Signorvino also offers a selection of rosé wines in its catalogue, showcasing wines that are less widespread yet still excellent. Last but not least, and only because they come at the end of the meal, are dessert wines. Sweet wines re a sophisticated way to end a meal, especially if it is an important occasion. If you prefer something drier, Signorvino offers a selection of grappe e distillati which are an excellent way to complete gourmet dinners or simply to accompany a coffee for a relaxing and enjoyable moment. At Signorvino, all the wines are carefully selected to offer you the best and cater for all requirements.

Why buy wine online?

Buying wine online is convenient, affordable and allows you to find what you want, when you want and where you want! You do not need to find the best-stocked wine shop in your city or travel to a nearby city to satisfy your wine needs. At Signorvino, you can find all the wines you are looking for and choose from the comfort of your sofa, safe in the knowledge that they will arrive at your door quickly and in the right packaging. Basically, buying wine online is the same as in a wine shop but you use a screen, there is much more information available and you do not need to remember vintages and grape varieties. With Signorvino, you can search wines by type, such as red wines, white wines or rosé wines, by region, from key regions in Italian viticulture like  Tuscany and  Piedmont, and you can also search by occasion and producer. You can select various criteria so you do not have to search endlessly in vain or waste your time, and you can find exactly the right wine for you on your favourite online wine shop.

Quality and value for money: Signorvino’s discounts and offers

Signorvino really has thought of everything, starting with your budget. Whether you are looking for an expensive red wine or a selection of discounted wines, the price of wine is no longer a problem thanks to Signorvino. Take a look at all our  discounts and promotions, and stock up on your favourite bottles. Signorvino’s discounted wines are an excellent place to start developing your own wine cellar and be ready to open the appropriate bottle at every eventuality. If you are organising a dinner with friends, you will definitely need to choose a wine that is suitable for the occasion and the menu. It is easy to impress your friends with a fine  Supertuscan  but who says that you cannot amaze your guests with a cheaper wine? Take a look at our  Italian wines under 20 euros and find the perfect bottle to surprise your guests with a high-quality wine without spending a fortune.

A sommelier’s tips on buying wine online

When you decide to buy wine online, it is good to prepare yourself to make sure that you buy exactly what is right for you. Firstly, it is important to consider the occasion. If you have been invited for an  aperitif with friends to celebrate their new home or if you are organising a classic  Sunday lunch  with family, or even if you simply want to expand your wine collection, you will need different bottles and you will probably have different budgets. It is important to be clear about when the bottle will be opened so that you can decide which type of wine to choose – red, white or rosé, still or sparkling – and which price range to opt for. Once you are clear about the occasion and price, you should look at the characteristics of each wine. It is good to consider the blend and ageing in particular. The guidelines on wines composed of different grape blends are not always strict and wines with the same designation can have different characteristics in terms of taste, aroma and terroir. That is why it is essential to look at the blend and know your own palate. The ageing and vinification techniques are also very important: a wine aged in wood can offer significant notes of vanilla, liquorice, and pastry, compared to a wine aged in stainless steel. Wood gives wine flavours and tertiary aromas that add structure and complexity, and these vary according to the type of wood and the malolactic fermentation. Steel does not alter the wine’s aromas but it allows for the optimal extraction of the grape’s primary aromas, and it is perfect for young, fresh, floral, and fruity wines.