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The best white wines of Veneto 

Important designation-protected wines come from Veneto, both red and white, much loved both in Italy and abroad. Among the most famous whites, we cannot fail to mention an important dessert wine, Recioto di Soave DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita), produced in 11 municipalities in the province of Verona from Garganega grapes, which may be joined by Trebbiano and/or Pinot Blanc and/or Chardonnay, according to the production protocol. Another important DOCG wine is Soave Superiore, produced in the same area as Recioto from the same grapes, which are fermented until the sugars are completely used up. It is also possible to produce a Riserva version, with a longer ageing period, and a Classico, from a limited, historical area in the province of Verona. Lugana DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is produced from Trebbiano di Soave or Turbiana, a native white grape variety grown in the provinces of both Verona and Brescia. 

Major designations 

Lugana is certainly among the most versatile whites of Veneto, produced in “base”, Superiore, Riserva, Vendemmia Tardiva (Late Harvest) and Spumante versions, which can display good ageing potential. Bianco di Custoza, produced in the southern part of Lake Garda, in the province of Verona, is made with Garganega plus other white grape varieties, including Malvasia, Riesling, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay. The other typical wines of Veneto are Garda Bianco, both in still and semi-sparkling versions, Pinot Bianco, Sauvignon dei Colli Berici, and Chardonnay dei Colli Euganei. Among the white sparkling wines, in addition to the well-known Prosecco, we should mention Durello Lessini, from Durella grapes, produced in both Charmat method (or Martinotti method) and Metodo Classico versions. Now that we have seen Veneto’s best-known white wines, it’s time to suggest some possible pairings to help you enjoy them to the full. 

Pairings with Veneto white wines 

Veneto is one of Italy’s richest regions in terms of food and wine, with a variety of wines that lend themselves to multiple pairings. The bright gold Recioto di Soave, with aromas of honey, dried apricot and summer flowers, and a generous, sweet palate underpinned by good acidity, can be paired with pastries and creamy desserts, but also with blue cheeses. A Soave Superiore, with its straw yellow hue, intense nose of flint, summer flowers and peachy fruit, and tangy palate with an almondy finish, can accompany the whole meal. Served first as an aperitif, alongside raw fish, it can then be paired with first courses, such as spaghetti with clams or risotto with tuna, courgettes and lemon. Among the main courses that go well with Soave, we suggest parmigiana di melanzane or a gateau di patate, not to mention delicious fish rissoles. Another white is Lugana DOC, produced in various types, allowing it to accompany an entire meal, from aperitif to dessert. 

More harmonious flavours and aromas 

Both the sparkling and still versions of Lugana are well suited to accompanying fish such as trout, perch and whitefish. Lugana Superiore, given its weightier structure, makes a good pairing for richly-flavoured dishes, such as pasta with bottarga or chicken, while the Riserva goes perfectly with semi-mature cheeses or heartier meat dishes, such as classic Rovato beef. This late harvest wine, a concentrate of aromas and sweetness, with good acidic balance, goes well with blue cheeses and desserts. Bianco di Custoza is a straw yellow wine that acquires a golden hue over time, and offers a delicate nose, good structure and body on the palate. It is excellent with fish appetisers, vegetables and cured meats. Now that you know how to pair Veneto’s main white wines, let the fun begin!