Abruzzo is nestled between the sea and the mountains, and this unusual geography definitely comes through in its wine. Signorvino's online shop stocks Abruzzo’s best red wines, wonderful labels that we have chosen for their amazing value for money. Explore our offers now: buy online to enjoy the best of Abruzzo at home.

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Abruzzo’s best red wines 

Abruzzo’s wine-producing territory spans the coastal hills and some hilly areas inland. This mountainous region, where the Gran Sasso and Maiella mountains lie close to the sea, is marked by a clear climatic division between the interior and exterior. Overall, there is a balanced distribution of red and white grapevines, making production very varied. The most famous red wine from Abruzzo is undoubtedly the undisputed king of the region: Montepulciano. The most suitable area for the production of red wines is the Teramo province, where the Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Colline Teramane DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita) stands out. Produced from a minimum of 85% of the grape variety of the same name, plus 15% of the permitted red grape varieties, it also has a Riserva version that has a higher alcohol content by at least one per cent. It is a wine with a ruby red colour and purplish reflections, which changes to garnet over time. The nose has an intense aroma or flowers and berry fruit, typical spices, and a dense and complex palate. It is a great wine that is enriched with nuances when rested in wood. In the Teramo province, they also produce interesting international grape varieties, like Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Cabernet Franc, often monovarietal in the Controguerra DOC. 

Major red wine designations in Abruzzo 

The Montepulciano DOC has fresher and more powerful notes, with more marked verticality than its brother from Teramo. The Alto Tirino and Terre dei Peligni sub-areas are interesting, where they also produce Cerasuolo d’Abruzzo, a rosé wine from Montepulciano that is popular for its magnificent freshness and drinkability with the whole meal. In the Pescara province, there is another intriguing expression of Montepulciano in the Terre di Casauria DOC. It is a robust red with aromas of undergrowth and small red berry fruit, which has a minimum ageing requirement of 18 months, 9 of which are in wooden barrels. The Riserva version requires at least 30 months of ageing, 9 of those in wood, and has a higher ABV by at least one per cent. Also in the Pescara province is the Terre dei Vestini DOC, another wine obtained from Montepulciano d’Abruzzo (a minimum of 90%), plus other red grape varieties. The production protocol requires 18 months of ageing, at least 9 of them in barrels, while the Riserva version requires 30 months and a higher ABV by a minimum of one per cent, the same as its cousin, Terre di Casauria. This wine has a beautiful intensity, with quite a rebellious tannic texture that becomes more refined over time. The aromas are typical of the grape variety, as is the ageing potential. 

Pairings with red wines from Abruzzo 

Wine production in Abruzzo has very ancient origins and this region is now especially famous for its red wines. In recent years, Abruzzo’s wines have increased in quality substantially, which is equalled by the notoriety of its typical dishes. When talking about the most typical Abruzzo dishes, we must start with arrosticini (lamb skewers), which are traditionally paired with Montepulciano, in all its guises. This refined red wine with a spicy character and impressive body is ideal with meats that have strong flavours. Therefore, pairings with lamb, kid and suckling lamb are excellent. With pecora alla callara (mutton stew) or pecora alla cottora as it is also known, opt for a Riserva version of Montepulciano, as it is rich and intense enough to support such a rustic main course. And that is not all! Montepulciano can also be enjoyed with quite fatty fish, such as swordfish and salmon. If you love Italian first courses, on the other hand, choose fettucine or tagliatelle with tasty sauces like the traditional ragù (Bolognese sauce), a risotto alla milanese or lasagne with meatballs, a typical dish in Abruzzo. 

More harmonious flavours and aromas 

Similarly, Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Terre di Casauria, with its great complexity and strength, is another wine you can drink with the whole meal. Its taste is enhanced by meat-based dishes, especially roasts. The Montepulciano d’Abruzzo Terre dei Vestini, Sottozona Alto Tirino, and Sottozona Terre dei Peligni wines, meanwhile, pair perfectly with first courses with ragu sauces, grilled or roasted red meats, grilled lamb, pecora al caldaro, roast pork, pork stew, all types of cheeses, soups, and game. You can pair a Cerasuolo with pasta and green beans, known as "sagne e fasciul" in the local dialect, as well as with typical cured meats, especially ventricina, a raw pork meat salami. However, with its delicate fruit notes, this wine also pairs well with fish soups and grilled fish. Another pairing to consider is with quite simple dishes like pizza. If you are a cheese lover, try pairing Cerasuolo with Scamorza Appassita or Pecorino. Now all that is left is for you to experiment and even try pairings from outside the region! Give it a try!