Piedmontese sparkling wines are exceptional and play an integral part of Italy’s history of sparkling wine. Sparkling wines are produced in Piedmont using two methods: Charmat method and Metodo Classico. Both styles undergo two different fermentation stages to produce Piedmont's most loved sparkling wines, and it is the second stage that makes the wines so different. In the Metodo Champenoise this second stage traditionally occurs in the bottle. Piedmont is famous for its red and white wines, and this selection of sparkling wines is no exception. Appreciated worldwide, discover our range of fine wines and choose the bottle that will give a unique flavour to your special occasions.

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Piedmont’s spumantes and sparkling wines 

The Piedmont region boasts some of the most famous wines produced in Italy, in particular its red wines, such as Barolo, Barbaresco, Nebbiolo, Barbera, Langhe, Dolcetto and others. Internationally acclaimed, spumantes from Piedmont are also highly successful, and a force to be reckoned with. While the big regional names are renowned and universal, there are also a dozen or so smaller grape varieties that highlight the most important wines of the zone and which rival the other leading sparkling wines from northern Italy and France. The quality of these spumantes from Piedmont is excellent, sometimes exceptional, as these sparkling wines offer impressive structure and acidity, as well as splendid aromas. 

What are Piedmont’s most famous sparkling wines? 

With a long history and constant production, the Contratto winery is always attentive to new technologies and consequently guarantees exceptional Piedmontese spumantes. These spumantes have harked from the historic vineyard for about 40 years and are produced exclusively from Pinot Noir as a monovarietal. Furthermore, these Piedmontese spumantes rest on the lees for 48 months before bottling. One of Piedmont’s best known sparkling wines internationally, Asti Spumante, is obtained from Moscato Bianco grapes. These Piedmontese sparkling wines are incredibly pleasant, light and slightly sweet, with fruity peach aromas. Similarly, obtained entirely from Moscato Bianco grapes, Moscatod’Asti is mainly produced in the province of Asti, and is delicate, floral and aromatic, finishing to a note of citrus fruit. 

Piedmont’s best sparkling wines 

The Cocchi winery works with passion and ongoing dedication, bringing you only the best of sparkling wines from Piedmont. One of the most prestigious Italian DOC zones for white and rosé spumantes is found in Piedmont in the provinces of Alessandria, Asti and Cuneo. The main varieties used in Alta Langa DOCG, which relies on the Metodo Classico Champenoise, are Chardonnay and Pinot Noir, with the Piedmont Terroir allowing these grapes to achieve magnificent expressions. The typical aromas found in Piedmont’s Alta Langa sparkling wines are elegant and velvety, including exotic fruit as well as notes of apricot and spring flowers. 

Which spumante from Piedmont for which pairing? 

Sparkling wines from Piedmont are a versatile, gourmet choice for accompanying many dishes of Italian cuisine, as well as being excellent accompaniments for an aperitif and also fabulous with seafood, risottos, and vegetable-based pasta dishes. These lively sparkling wines usually express aromas that also go very well with desserts such as fruit-based pastries and sweets, but can also be an excellent match for nuts or fresh fruit and chocolate. So, try our wonderful selection of Piedmontese sparkling wines with a fruit-based tart or a millefeuille pastry. Their sweet, aromatic flavours will go perfectly with these desserts.