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Wines to pair with Red meats

The right wine and meat pairing can create a unique combination. Red meat is one of the most popular dishes among Italians, who are known for their strong culinary tradition. However it is prepared, it needs a good glass of wine to go along with it. From our suggestions, you’ll find a wide selection of red wines to accompany your Sunday lunch or a romantic dinner.
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Red meats

What to pair with red meat, white or red wine?

Generally, when you decide to cook a nice red meat dish, the most underestimated yet ideal pairing is a bottle of full-bodied and firmly structured red wine. When the meat is cooked for a long time and seasoned with sauces, such as braised beef or game, the ideal pairing is a vigorous, tannic wine that will enhance it. For example, spezzatino (Italian beef stew) goes well with a full-bodied wine like   Chianti Classico, il Barolo o Amarone della Valpolicella.

The best wine for comfort food

The hamburger is the quintessential comfort food. Grilled meat with lettuce, tomato, and sauces. The ideal wines are light or medium-bodied reds that do not mask the flavour of the meat too much and that complement the sweetness of the bread and sauces. Sparkling wines, are also an interesting option, whether fully sparkling or semi-sparkling, as they cleanse the palate of the greasiness of the sauces and cheese. The best travel companions are therefore Lambrusco, il  Barbera, Cerasuolo, or an  Alta Langa. Who says a good hamburger cannot become a gourmet dinner?

The perfect pairing for fegato alla veneziana

One of the most famous Venetian dishes is fegato alla veneziana, a traditional recipe made with pig’s or calf’s liver and onions. It is a very simple but tasty dish with a ferrous liver taste sweetened by the onions. The ideal wine is one that can complement its unique flavour, such as a red wine that will combine well with the liver thanks to its soft tannins. For example, Valpolicella Ripasso, can create the ideal pairing thanks to its full, intense flavour and savoury aftertaste.

White wine and red meat?

The red meat-red wine and fish-white wine principle definitely exists but is not always true. Thanks to the continual culinary evolution and the introduction of new techniques and flavours, pairing white wine with red meat can be a fresh and innovative choice. It is essential to identify and know about the type of meat, the way it is cooked and any sauces and spices that help to create the complexity of its flavour. One wine that is good with succulent red meat is a Sardinian Vermentino as it stands out for its freshness and versatility, which makes it perfect for enhancing the delicate nature of the dishes and the olfactory and taste persistence. .