Discover our wide selection of essential, useful and stylish wine accessories. Start your experience with our Signorvino corkscrew; opening a bottle of wine can turn into a real disaster if you don’t use the right corkscrew. Next come our elegant wooden wine boxes, which are the best way to present any bottle. In addition, personalised Signorvino glasses are the must-have item to celebrate a good wine. Explore the rest of our selection and choose perfect wine-related gifts to experience wine at its best!

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Wine accessories

The wine ritual includes some accessories that usually go unnoticed by most of us, but that are actually incredibly necessary. Wine professionals are well aware of the importance of related accessories, for this reason Signorvino, your trusted wine shop, offers you a wide collection of accessories for wine not to be missed. Simple and basic accessories such as wooden boxes and corkscrew to more delicious and unique accessories like our picnic basket. Made of wicker and ideal for a picnic, romantic dinner or as a bottle holder.


Which wine accessories are there?

Wine lovers not only have to think about choosing the right wine to steal the show on a special evening, they also need to have certain accessories to serve it in a way that the occasion merits and to store it without losing its qualities. One essential wine-drinking accessory is a glass, which should be dome-shaped, clear, smooth, made from fine crystal and have a long stem. Another must-have accessory for a wine lover is a corkscrew, with an ergonomic design and micro-serrated blade. This is a fixed presence in most people’s kitchens but also an indispensable element in every wine lover’s life.


Gifting wine: ideas for him and her

Make your gifts incredibly unique and surprise your loved ones on special occasions with our wine accessories. What better gift for a wine lover than a  corkscrew? This professional wine corkscrew will delight even the most renowned sommelier and is the perfect gift for him. Meanwhile, if you would like to complete a gift for her, choose our Limited Edition Girls Just Wanna Have Wine gift box the perfect addition to a bottle of wine.


Organise a dinner or lunch in true style

Wine is made to be shared, and there is no better place to do that than at home. It is not complicated to organize a dinner at home in true style if you follow certain rules and have the accessories you need. Naturally, your dining table will be the centerpiece of your event. The cutlery and decorations will express your personality and good taste, but if you want to really have an impact on your guests, you could bring three magnificent wines to the table. You could start with an  aperitif , maybe a light sparkling wine accompanied by our wine box with board. Then, depending on the dishes that follow, a white wine or red wine and to finish, a dessert wine. For an elegant way to serve the bottles, you could use our 3-bottle wooden boxes.