Red wines to pair with White meats

Traditionally, white wines made from Chardonnay or Sauvignon go best with white meats. However, this does not mean that a medium-bodied and rather light red wine cannot do the same. White meats have a delicate flavour and are often cooked gently to create an elegant and delicious dining experience. The ideal red wine for white meats must be respectful of their delicate structure to ensure a full palate experience. Discover our selection of red wines to serve with white meats - your guests will be in for a pleasant surprise.

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White meats

Wines for white meats 

Wine should enhance the flavour of white meat and refresh the palate so it needs to have the right level of acidity. For red wine lovers, a light and not too intense wine will always be the best solution. However, with dishes like veal, you can also chooselight white and red wines – not only based on the taste but also on the type of recipe and the aromas in play. There is no denying that fruity white wines pair well with white meats but if the dishes contain spices, sauces or are spicy, a red wine will be more appropriate. 

Are red wine and white meats a good pairing? 

The old adage “red wine with red meats and white wine with fish and white meats” might be easy to remember but it is no longer believed to be true. According to experts, the important factors are now the balance of flavours, how the meat is prepared and what type of sauce or side dish is served with it. As such, red wines are typically paired with red meats because this type of meat tolerates high concentrations of tannin well but they can also be replaced with rich, full-bodied whites. It will not come as a surprise, then, that there are red wines that can be successfully paired with white meats

The best red wine for white meats 

An excellent red wine for white meats is Valpolicella or Pinot Noir, which is part of the renowned type of red wine that reflects the aromas and flavours of its territory. They are also good wines to pair with white meats because of their freshness, youth and instant pleasantness. Another red wine for white meats, like chicken, is a ChiantiMontespertolifrom Tuscany. Made from Sangiovese and Canaiolo grapes, with a small percentage of Trebbiano, this wine reveals floral and fruit-rich notes on the palate with a lively tannin, making it ideal for pairing with white meats

Other types of pairings for red wines 

Are you organising a dinner and feel confused about which food to pair with your favourite red wine? Your trusted wine shop Signorvino offers a selection of red wines for all occasions and types of food. Although red wine can be paired with a variety of foods, an excellent pairing can make the food and wine combination truly surprising. For example, red wines are now becoming a more popular and successful choice for an aperitif. They make an ideal accompaniment for salty appetisers with an intense flavour, like a wonderful platter of cheeses and cured meats