Grillo is a white grape native to Sicily, often used for the production of dry and aromatic white wines. Over the years it has become popular as a grape variety for the production of Sicilian wines with an aromatic character, with a lively acidity and a full body. We have selected for you the best Sicilian wineries, discover the selection!

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Main features of the Grillo 

Grillo is considered one of the most representative white Sicilian vines of Sicily and its wines are appreciated all over the world for their quality and distinctive character. It has long been used for the production of liqueur wines, but in recent years it has become more popular as a variety for the production of dry white wines. The Grillo variety is known for its particular aromatic character, giving the wine a fruity and fresh flavor, with notes of tropical fruit, citrus and flowers. Often Grillo is also used in blends with other white vines native to Sicily such as Catarratto and Inzolia, to create complex white wines. The 100% Grillo wines instead, offer a unique and distinctive tasting experience and are an example of the wines of the cellars of Baglio Oro, Donnafugata, Barraco and Baglio di Pianetto.

Grillo: the best table combinations 

The Sicilian Grillo enhances its nuances with the excellence of Italian Mediterranean cuisine, thus marrying perfectly with all the menus of fish and shellfish and accompanying with balance both appetizers that the most important courses. It also goes well with cheeses, salads and vegetarian dishes, such as vegetable casseroles and amazes with preparations in fusion sauces. Grillo also goes perfectly with fried crustaceans, white meat and celery carpaccio and strawberries.

Grillo Sicilia DOC: organoleptic characteristics 

Grillo is a wine that contains the true essence of Sicily, with its intense color and a ripe yellow pulp fruit. Savory, mineral and with a marine scent of seaweed and flowers of the Sicilian countryside, Grillo is a good wine with an important structure with a high alcohol content, with an elegant finesse on the palate. From an oenological point of view, Grillo is capable of surprising over time, able to offer great results in terms of quality of grapes, confirming to the palate its olfactory and visual persistence.

Marsala and Marsala Superiore Oro DOC 

The Sicilian territory is characterized by as many appellations as Marsala DOC that includes the entire territory of the province of Trapani. Marsala is one of the most famous fortified wines in the world, produced exclusively in the city of Marsala, in the far west of Sicily. In this denomination, for the production of Marsala, the cultivation of Grillo, Ansonica, Catarratto bianco, Damaschino and Nero d'Avola vines is allowed. Five types of Marsala are linked to the aging of wines: fine, superior, superior reserve, virgin or soleras and finally virgin or old solera. The organoleptic characteristics of Marsala DOC Oro Superiore include a golden yellow color with a fine, dry and sweet olfactory profile.