Etna Bianco

It is impossible to resist a glass of Etna Bianco. The slopes of Etna demand heroic viticulture, characterised by steep slopes and soils of volcanic origin. Indigenous grapes such as Carricante, Catarratto, Minnella and other white grape varieties offer a delicate, floral Sicilian wine with a mineral flavour: Etna Bianco. Features for you to discover, on our website you can find the best labels selected for you. Get comfortable and make your selection, just one click away!

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Etna Bianco

The history and zones of Etna Bianco 

Etna Bianco is one of the Sicilian white wines that has gained most popularity over recent years. The Etna DOC zone comprises 20 municipalities situated on the slopes of the volcano, to the north of Catania. It is thought that the story of this wine dates back to 729 BC, when the Greeks colonised Eastern Sicily. Nevertheless, some archaeological finds dating back to the Phoenicians seem to suggest that vines had been brought to the island even earlier. In the late 18th century the first wineries sprung up, but towards the mid-19th century, phylloxera, an insect originally from North America, destroyed almost 80% of the vines in Europe. Some vineyards managed to survive, and it was not until the 1990s that the wines of Etna began to earn a reputation not only in Italy but also internationally. 

The varieties of Etna Bianco 

Etna Bianco is mainly composed of Carricante, a native variety with generous aromas of citrus and Mediterranean scrubland. This variety, once widespread throughout Sicily, is now grown only on the slopes of Etna, and is protected by DOC regulations. The vineyards are cultivated at elevations of between 300 and 1,000+ metres. Etna Bianco DOC is produced from 60% Carricante and 40% Catarratto, while in Etna Bianco Superiore DOC, Carricante accounts for 80% of the blend and Catarratto 20%. These wines are characterised by saline and citrus notes that make them unique in this area, which enjoys a unique microclimate. The Mediterranean heat combined with the cold of the mountain and the rich soil of the volcano create a unique terroir that results in wines with complex, intriguing aromatic traits. 

Tasting profile 

Etna Bianco DOC shows a straw yellow colour with golden reflections. The nose is intense and tangy, and the first aromas of ripe peachy fruit, flowers and honey are followed by notes of flint and white pepper, and a pleasantly salty finish. On the palate it is savoury and firmly structured, dry and harmonious, with hints of ripe fruit and peach flesh, but also tangy notes that evoke the sea and Mediterranean scrubland. 

Pairings with Etna Bianco 

Thanks to its minerality and freshness, Etna Bianco DOC is a perfect accompaniment for fish and shellfish dishes, but also for legumes, white meats, duck, fish skewers, mature cheeses and chicken curry. If you are a lover of pasta and rice, this wine also goes well with risottos and vegetarian lasagna. Also perfect as an aperitif, its optimal serving temperature is 8-10 °C.