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The best white wines of Lazio 

One of the most ancient production zones of all, especially in the Viterbo area, where the Etruscans were pioneers, Lazio boasts a rich wine culture, stretching from the Roman Empire up to the present day. Today, white wines account for 76% of production in this region, which has an area under vine of 25,000 hectares, mainly spread over the hills. Castelli Romani DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) is produced from Malvasia Bianca di Candia, Malvasia del Lazio, Trebbiano Toscano and Trebbiano di Soave in the Albano area as far as Velletri. In Colli Etruschi Viterbesi Bianco DOC Trebbiano returns once more, as does Malvasia, decidedly among the most characteristic varieties of this region, often vinified in blends. Sometimes it is possible to find these varieties in monovarietal wines, as in the case of the DOC Lazio Malvasia designation, the largest in the region, where this variety accounts for 85% of the blend, joined by 15% from other white grape varieties. 

Historical notes and curiosities 

The strong presence of the church in Lazio, both in terms of monastic centres and the papacy, has certainly influenced the presence of vineyards in the region, as well as the production of wine. Even with the fall of the papacy, wine production continued to fuel the region’s economy, so much so that at the end of the 19th century, the best-known wines of Lazio were Frascati, Castelli Romani, Marino and Est! Est!! Est!!!, all obtained from native varieties. Est, Est, Est di Montefiascone is linked to a famous legend, which explains its name. In 1111 Henry V of Franconia, then king of Germany, went to Rome to be crowned as Holy Roman Emperor together with bishop Johannes Defuk, a lover of good wine. It seems that a servant, who was told to bring the best possible wine to the prelate, marking it with “est” (that’s it; it’s good!), arrived in the town of Montefiascone, and found a white so good that he marked it “Est! Est!! Est!!!”. It was the best wine possible! 

Pairings with white wines from Lazio 

Lazio cuisine is fragrant and tasty, just like its wines, both reds and whites. Bianco dei Castelli Romani DOC offers vibrant aromatic sensations on the nose, often of summer flowers and freshly picked fruit, over a full-flavoured, pleasantly fresh, light palate. A white with these characteristics is extremely versatile at the table, and can accompany all types of dishes, both regional and from the rest of Italy. Want some examples? With a Castello Romani Bianco try buffalo mozzarella with fresh cherry tomatoes, a hearty chickpea soup or simple cured meats with bread. Pair a monovarietal Malvasia, with its seductive aromas of jasmine and white-fleshed fruit, and captivating, attractive palate, with a fish-based pasta or rice dish, such as seafood spaghetti, or vegetable dishes, such as asparagus in butter or aubergines au gratin. 

More harmonious flavours and aromas 

More citrusy, with hints of peachy fruit and some herbaceous notes, Est, Est, Est di Montefiascone shows good body and freshness, making it an excellent pairing for pasta and rice dishes based on excellent Genoese pesto or walnut sauce. Due to its freshness, it’s more difficult to pair it with tomato-based sauces, which prefer a more aromatic, Malvasia-based white, such as Frascati Superiore DOCG. With a bright straw yellow hue, floral notes and aromas of peachy fruit, good length and structure, it typically goes well with bucatini all’amatriciana, fettuccine alla ciociara and spaghetti alla carbonara. If you opt for the Riserva version, you can try more complex dishes, such as medium-mature cheeses, roast white meats, stewed squid and fried prawns. Now all you have to do is try them!